Contributing to fundraising campaigns now made so easy 

Published on: 2/6/23, 12:22 PM

We are happy to inform you that our chat module is now active and also been modified with some new features. For example, you can now attach files in the chat and also see whether your chat is seen or not yet seen.

Published on: 5/1/22, 7:58 AM

We are happy to inform you that AGENT MODULE  has also been integrated into the platform.  The Agent module has been developed to speed up withdraw of members' earned income on the platform.

Published on: 2/26/21, 12:14 PM

The latest portion of Gopien News

Can you believe that it is December already? Whoop. This year has felt like 5-in-1 and as we draw closer to its end, I am particularly feeling very grateful. But it is not just me, it's the whole Gopien Team.

Published on: 12/5/20, 9:39 AM

Dear reader,

The world is currently experiencing a major global crisis with the spread of the Covid-19 Coronavirus. We must stop it's spread by breaking the chain of infection between human to human.

Team Gopien wants to ensure that you remain healthy and nothing hampers your business continuity. Please take the following precautions to ensure the health and well-being of your family, your employees and yourself.

Published on: 3/21/20, 7:04 AM

Time to change the world

Coronavirus is spreading across the world. Global stock markets are in free fall.

But with great challenges come great opportunities.


Published on: 3/13/20, 8:22 PM

In every workplace, there comes a time when you will need to work on projects as a team. For managers who are not used to group work, it can be a challenge to establish a cohesive team. Even for managers who work with teams all the time, it can still be a challenge to get people to work together.

No matter if you’re building a team for the first time, or just trying to refine the process, here are eight ways to successfully build a cohesive team:

Published on: 6/7/19, 3:37 PM

The membership Earning module has been updated

Its been a month now since we discovered several bugs in the membership earning module. But today, we are happy to inform you that the membership earning module has been updated and that all bugs been fixed and also we have made it to be more accurate. No more missing of commission from your referrals.

Published on: 6/7/19, 1:02 PM

Ad Campaign Commission integrated

We are happy to inform you that an Ad campaign cash reward to members has also been integrated into the platform. Before this integration, members could invite friends and not get  rewarded when their referrals happen to advertise with us.

Published on: 6/7/19, 12:37 PM

Many Organisations and groups around the World have tried to come up with several key strategies to reduce youth unemployment. However, most of these strategies are either unadaptable (due to several factors such; lack of skills, lack of capital, etc.) or because strategies and programs are always developed or impremented  in  regions where they shouldn't be developed or started. Aditionally, some strategies require alot effort and patience before the youth can start seeing results out of their input.

Published on: 5/4/19, 8:16 PM