How to reduce youth unemployment in a smart way through Gopien platform

Many Organisations and groups around the World have tried to come up with several key strategies to reduce youth unemployment. However, most of these strategies are either unadaptable (due to several factors such; lack of skills, lack of capital, etc.) or because strategies and programs are always developed or impremented  in  regions where they shouldn't be developed or started. Aditionally, some strategies require alot effort and patience before the youth can start seeing results out of their input.

For the reasons above, you find that very few youth out there, find the courage to get involved and even those who happen to try those strategies, end up  failing out on the way or in the process.

What is the way forward to over come the growing youth unemployemnt around the world

Without wasting your time, am  happy to inform you that team has finally come up with a strategy aimed at reducing youth unemployment  with less effort, capital and in a smart way and above all  NO skills needed.

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Published on: 5/4/19, 8:16 PM