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To Start a Business Online, build social connections or Grow a current business faster with less effort.

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With the New and advanced integrated Buy and Sell features, you can now do Cross border trading among members, using our secure payment system that protects both buyer and seller.You can Buy/Sell from Physical to digital products,services, tutorials and rentable items at a discount,all from one platform

Budget Accommodation

This not only enables renters to deal direct with landlords or property managers, but also gives members an opportunity to share property deals and enjoy earning daily and monthly referral commissions on auto-pilot.

Fundraise for a Good Cause

Create thoughtful and effective campaigns for causes that matter, from education and health support to wedding events, Startups, concerts, Tribute, community causes and project contributions. The fundraising platform connects the people seeking financial assistance to people who are capable and willing to give a helping hand

Skill Share

To succeed in modern times, you need to keep learning new skills to stay ahead. At Gopien, you acquire new knowledge that support your future goals or make money selling tutorials/skills to fellow community members


Earn extra money offering experiences or find unique, personal and exciting discounted local opportunities. The experiences you can offer or participate in, range from Adventure, sports, tours, food and drinks, to new trends such as learning new skills, and all the latest and greatest experiences worth spending money on.


Expand your connections, get yourself and your business known by other members through your online group members area and face to face networking meet up events.
Build your social capital by connecting with people in your group/community, contributing to their fundraising campaigns and supporting each other in business to grow together, all from Gopien platform.

Business websites

Whether you want to Start a New business online or want to grow a current business, the Gopien business website is All you need to build and grow your business faster.
Who can get a Gopien business website?

Creators, small businesses, companies, NGOs, Associations/Clubs, churches and schools, etc. Create a free account today and reserve your business website link address (e.g. before its taken

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Get paid to Click/view Text Adverts or promote your business cheaply and smartly while giving back to your customers by advertising with us.
How it works.
Each 1000 advert clicks/views, cost $15. Then $11.5 is given back to your customers.So,the platform offers a better way to promote your business cheaply while giving back to your customers in a simple, convenient and smart way

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