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A next generation global platform for building wealth through; digital savings, earning passive income online, skills development and networking. Gopien provides everything you need to start growing a second income from home

Share and Earn Money

Through Gopien Platform, Sharing digital information can earn you money and helps to build sharing community for the future.

Recruit A Friend Rewards

Tell a friend about Gopien Platform, register them and enjoy the daily and monthly income. Each Invitation brings lifetime cash returns, the more you invite, the more earnings on daily,and monthly basis....readmore

Gopien Social Lending

Easily apply online for unsecured small personal loan without paperwork and from anywhere or earn commission every time your referrals take a loan
Why Gopien social Lending? We believe in Personal development..readmore

Acquire New Skills

To succeed in modern times, you need to keep learning new skills to stay ahead. At Gopien, we partner with individuals, groups and companies to provide you with new life changing skills and knowledge that support your future goals.

Multiple Payment Options

Payment gateways include; Paypal, Payeer, offline transfer or our latest integration, Wallet Money - its convenient and with No charge on member to member transfers.


Expand your connections, get yourself and your business known by other members through Gopien members networking meet up events.The meetup events are aimed at promoting face-to-face networking; providing members with the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to other members more

Marketing & Advertising

Increase your Sales or brand awareness with our low-cost marketing and advertising strategies, such as pay per view digital advertising model and help to reduce youth Unemployment in a Smart way. With this strategy, you only pay every time your website or banner advert is displayed to a viewer. Support the go green more


A dedicated support team is ready to help with any questions you may have.Use our contact form below or click on support when logged in. We are also looking for more World wide country/ city Ambassadors to help members get personal assistance with deposit and withdraw of wallet money from the platform, offer advice, training to new members and to organise networking meet up events

With a friendly, committed team who offer caring service, combined with strength and security for peace of mind, Gopien platform really is a better work-from-home and business networking alternative! !

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