Gopien’s cancellation & Refund Policy

Gopien’s cancellation & Refund Policy
Gopien is a membership-based platform where members subscribe monthly and enjoy the benefits. Some of the benefits include;
•    Monthly subscription referral commission
•    Advertising referral commission
•    Social lending referral commission
•    Marketplace referral commissions, etc. 

The above referral commission types, automatically get added up to referrers’ Available balance on the platform and therefore, Please note that Gopien  will not refund any payments that are made on the following below;
•    Monthly membership subscription fee
•    Pay per view advertising fees
•    Account verification fees
•    Transaction charges
•    Marketplace item posting fees
•    Marketplace featured item fees

Marketplace product purchase Cancellation/Refund policy
A product buyer may cancel/request for a refund on any product purchased from our marketplace. But the refund will be less 13% of total amount paid including the transaction fees. The 13% covers transaction costs, platform charges and referrers’ commissions.We therefore, advice buyers to always first communicate and agree with seller through the chat message system before making a payment. The chat message system helps both the buyer and seller to have a history of the conversations made before the buyer decided to make a payment for a product or service and also helps us to decide on who is right or wrong between the buyer/seller

Secondly, a member can only apply for a refund before approving product delivery. Therefore, when seller change product status to delivered, we recommend the product buyer to always cross check products and services delivered to you before you click to approve delivery of a service or product, because once you approve delivery of a product, we cannot cancel/refund