Who we are

Welcome to Gopien Community!

A next generation platform for  lifelong learning, networking, social lending and building wealth - through referral marketing, sharing of digital information, completing online paid tasks, digital saving culture and investments.

Gopien is a membership-based platform where members subscribe monthly and enjoy the benefits and low cost services

You might have seen information about Gopien and wondered if it was worth it for you or your business to become a member. You don’t want to spend money on a membership that won’t help you or your business grow.

Joining a Gopien community can be a great decision. Below are some of the Gopien membership benefits, along with ways you can get the most out of your membership.


Opportunities. Download gopien Android App from play store to Receive free latest opportunities or share digital information/skills and get paid to share

Lifelong learning. At Gopien, we partner with individuals, groups and companies to provide you with new life changing skills and knowledge which support your future goals.

Networking. Easily expand your connections, get yourself and your brand known, and also exchange ideas with fellow members through Gopien’s networking meet up events.

Low cost Digital advertising. Increase your business sales or brand awareness with the Gopien's low cost pay per advert view advertising model or invite business people to advertise with us and earn lifetime referal commission

Save Money. Platform promotes digital saving culture for personal and team development.

Social Lending. Easily apply online for Unsecured small personal Loan with just a click.No paperwork, loans are approved within 24hrs and pay back in 30 days or invite to people sign up and earn referral commission every time your referrals take a loan on the platform

Referral Cash Rewards. Earn daily and monthly cash rewards  by inviting your connections, family and friends to join Gopien platform. The more you invite, the more monthly commission you earn

Paid Tasks. Earn daily cash by completing simple online paid tasks such as watching video adverts or viewing websites

Low cost services. At Gopien, we give members hug discounts on a veriety of online services and these include but not limited to Website hosting and development, domain registration, Android Apps development, custom software development, Bulk sms, etc. Please contact us for more details

Work from Home. Flexibility to work from home or anywhere and set your own hours

Free online sales store. Create a free online store at www.gopienmarket.com  to boost your sales and brand awareness with promotional items and discount offers

Investment. Invest in the Gopien platform by registering for a group and build a smart passive  income for a lifetime. The group owner tasks include but not limited to; organizing ongoing participants’ meet up events for training workshops, networking, sharing challenges and success stories, etc.

Quick Cash withdraw. Through the Gopien wallet money transfer among members, its now easy to withdraw your earnings at any time using member to member internal transfer.

All Other Benefits for being a member

With friendly, committed team, caring service combined with strength and security for peace of mind, Gopien platform really is a better work from home and business networking alternative!