Who is The Gopien Platform For

Who Is the Gopien Platform For and not For ?

Individual participation

The Gopien platform is for you if;

Do you have a registered Organization, Church, Group/Club and or an Association?.

The Gopien family/ community believe that fundraising for a community cause or project should start with the main beneficiaries (local people) where the project is running from before looking for external funding. Therefore, if you own a registered initiative in your community and would like to fundraise for it while helping your members to grow financially and achieve financial freedom, then you are welcome to create your own group and get started.

Who Is The Gopien Platform NOT For?
The Gopien platform is NOT for you if:
•    You're not willing to put in the effort required to grow your  networking  business.
•    You have no clue about what business you want to start (you should take some time to figure this out before joining any program or business).
•    You aren't open to trying new things to grow your own business. 
•    You believe that you and your family are born to be poor, employed and not self employed
•    You fear to invest even a small amount of money in any business before you start earning
•    You are in a comfortable zone with the little money you are earning today
•    You think you are too busy to build a  network of like-minded people or to busy to learn, share knowledge and skills  and Earn Money