Gopien Referral Commission

Recruite a Friend Rewards

Tell a friend about Gopien Platform, register them and enjoy the daily and monthly commissions. Each Invitation brings lifetime cash returns, the more you invite, the more  your earn on daily and monthly basis. Its possible to earn over $2000 monthly through your referrals at an expense of only $10 per month

Gopien referral commission Types and percentages


Reward Type

Commission a referrer earn in Percentage


Cash from Sharing of digital information and skills



Cash from referral adverts



Monthly referral commission



Digital Loan commission


When you are a member and refer someone to Join Gopien Platform, you earn the above commissions for a lifetime or as long as you are still an active member. The more you refer to join, the more earnings on daily and monthly basis for a Lifetime or as long as you are still an active member on the platform.

Please Note: The daily and monthly earnings depends on your  referrals' activities on the platform. For example; If your referrals advertise with us everyday, it means that you are to earn every day but if they do not advertise, you also do not earn. Secondly, if you or your referrals happen  to share digital information and skills daily, it means that you are to earn everyday but if you or your referrals do not share anything, then you do not earn. Lastly, when your referrals happen to take a digital loan from the platform, you get to earn  too. The only sure deal commission is the monthly membership referral commission.