Gopien social Lending

Easily apply online for unsecured small personal loan without paperwork and from anywhere and get it approved within 24hrs  or Refer people to join Gopien platform and earn commission every time your referrals take a loan

About Gopien social Lending

Are you tired of applying for a loan without success due to lack of Security in terms of property or are you in need of a quick loan which can be approved within 24hrs? At Gopien social Lending, we help people borrow money online from Gopien platform which is guaranteed by their number of referrals on the platform.
Through the Gopien lending system, you are able to apply online for unsecured small personal loan from anywhere and without paperwork, and get it via your Gopien wallet money account within 24hrs and repayment within 30days still through the Gopien platform

Why Gopien social Lending?
We believe in personal development.

At Gopien, we want every member of our community to grow personally and achieve financial freedom through a simple, fast and convenient process

Loan application, funding approval and repayment processes are all done through an integrated loan manager in the Gopien platform, which takes into account the health of loan apllicant's Gopien membership status, number of referrals and monthly cash rewards he or she earns from the platform

This means we are able to give you the best possible Personal funding.

We make our funding decision in minutes

Funding is made available to your Gopien wallet in as fast as 24 hours

We provide support, advise and free training on issues related to building a saving culture for personal development

Gopien social lending difference and the Traditional Lenders


The Gopien social lending difference

Traditional lenders

Application process

Fast and online with no paperwork

Detailed with potentially a number of visits to the bank branch and your business/residence


Funds delivered to your Gopien wallet within 24 hours of application

Can take up to 12 weeks to receive funding after all the paper work is done


None required

Security in terms of property or Assets is a MUST




Restriction on use of funds

No restrictions

Agreed, specific purpose

Application success rate



Customer service

World Class

Needs improvement


We made our loan request form so simple


  1. Login to your account. We assume that you are already a member of gopien platform. If not yet a member, contact your referrer to help you create an account today
  2. Submit a loan request by filling the request loan form as seen above.
  3. Loan request review stage.After submitting your loan request, we review your request basing on status of your account. This process takes a few hours basing on the number of requests.
  4. Loan request get approved and automatically add up to your wallet balance for withdraw within 24hrs.

How to make loan repayment

  1. Login to your Gopien account and click on Loan button, then on submenu, click Loan Requests button
  2. When a loan requests page opens as seen above, you will be able to see unpaid or running loan/s and then click on Repayment Button which will take you to a page to pay for your loan using Wallet money balance
  3. Lastly, after payment, click again on the loan requests page to see if the stauts for your loan is changed to paid and that is it.

Login and Apply for a Loan Today.

For help or support, please use our homepage contact form or login and click on support.